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Dr Olivier DETANTE
Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

RESSTORE Coordinator

Olivier is an Associate professor and Hospital practitioner in Neurology. As a neurologist, Olivier is the head of the stroke Unit in the Grenoble Hospital (CHU Grenobles Alpes). He is also a member of the team "Functional Neuroimaging and Cerebral perfusion" of the Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences. He holds a doctoral degree in neurology and a PhD in Neurosciences-Neurobiology. He has published more than 15 scientific publications in national peer-reviwed journals and more than 30 in international peer-reviewed journals. Moreover, Olivier is a lead author of 5 books chapter and 5 articles in the press. Throughout his professional career he has already participated at numerous national and intenational congress and synopsia as speaker and as member of selection panels (about 90 oral communications and posters) including more than 30 invitational presentations. Prior to RESSTORE project, Olivier has already participated to about 20 clinical trials (some of them are still in progress) as partner or as coordinator like in ISIS project (PHRC 2007, approved in 2010) or in HERMES project (PHRC 2010).  ISIS-HERMES is a randomized trial in the area of post-stroke cell therapy on-going in Grenoble Hospital  with 31 patients already included. Patient enrollment ended in July 2014 and the 2-year follow-up period will complete in July 2016. The preliminary results for the 6-month follow-up confirm the safety of IV administered cells, and there appears to be a trend for clinical efficacy. The data underline the difficulty to use an autologous treatment, and the interest of available allogenic source of cells such as proposed in RESSTORE project . RESSTORE project in an european multicentric project representing the next stage of the researsh in the area of the cell therapy in stroke.

As RESSTORE coordinator, Olivier is responsible for the overall execution and follow-up of the project. He is responsible for the smooth-running of the network (see execution of the work plan), and adequate dissemination and communication of the progress and outputs of the project. More precisely, he will be in charge of:  Interfacing with the EC and being the sole person responsible to the EC Financial and Policy Officers; Representing the Consortium towards other EU networks and towards the EC;  Chairing the project SC and heading the Project Management Team;  Supervising the production of periodic reports for the EC at the end of each sequential contractual period;  Informing the project’s EC scientific officer, within the stipulated timeframes, of scheduled meetings and agendas; Setting-up quality assurance and quality control procedures in collaboration with the Steering Committee; and  Coordinating the communication between partners.

Project Management

Dr Laetitia WIOLAND
Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

RESSTORE project Manager

Laetitia holds a PhD in Neurosciences and a Master degree in innovative project management.  During her thesis Laetitia has published sceintific papers in peer-reviewed journals and has participated in numerous nationale congress.After that, she follows management courses that aims to provide scientific doctors and engineers managerial skills and additional skills required by business and technology transfer organizations in the fields of business, market and project management. Before joining the Grenoble hospital (CHU Grenoble ) and the Université Grenoble Alpes, Laetitia held the position of project manager in Clinatec (CEA) where she was responsible of the setting-up of the innovative and the collaborative projects at differents scales (european (H2020, international ANR), national (ANR) and regional). Clinatec is a plateform that aim to develop medical devices and aim to accelerate their transfer from the laboratories to the patient bedsite.  In this position, Laetitia was in charge of the identification, the analysis and the presentation ah the calls, of the assistance of seting-up project to obtain fundings, of the new partrnerships researsh and of the market studies. With the CHU Grenoble and the Université Grenoble Alpes, Laetitia works as RESSTORE project manager. Apart from the day-to-day management of RESSTORE project, Laetitia also provides support and assistance to the different project bodies. She plays a hands-on role in administrative actions, which will include periodic reports and preparation of deliverables. She wills helps to prepare all the needed logistical, legal and administrative documents and helps supervising the overall running of the project. She monitors and collects the individual partner administrative documents, statements of expenditures and transmits them in the regular format to the EC and keep track of payments, to be made to each partner. With the coordinator Laetitia is responsible for ensuring the timely fulfilment of all administrative steps required for effective progress of the project.



Maud Le Graet
Finovatis, Lyon, France

Finovatis Project Manager

Maud holds a Master degree in engineering and management of European projects. Before joining Finovatis as a Project Management Consultant she worked during 6 years as an Interreg project officer. She mainly managed collaborative research projects between universities, SMEs and clusters. With regards to RESSTORE project, Maud is involved in the dissemination and exploitation of the project and in particular managing the website, following IP matters and organising consortium workshops. She is also in charge of operational communication, dissemination and valorisation of the projects findings and ethics monitoring.